• Dry Fork Moonshine

    Dry Fork Moonshine

    Completely legal with a touch of renegade thrown in. Our original is full-bodied, smooth, true to itself and will always be a classic.


  • Dry Fork Strawberry Moonshine

    Dry Fork Strawberry Moonshine

    Who doesn’t like strawberries, especially when they are infused with our smooth mountain moonshine. It’s the kind of drink begging to be passed around.


  • Dry Fork Blackberry Moonshine

    Dry Fork Blackberry Moonshine

    Enjoy our smooth moonshine made even better with an infusion of blackberries so that the juice adds flavors to the moonshine and the berries wait to be eaten.


  • Dry Fork Blueberry Moonshine

    Dry Fork Blueberry Moonshine

    Blueberries aren’t just for breakfast muffins! You won’t think about them the same again after having them infused in our moonshine.


  • Dry Fork Plum Moonshine

    Dry Fork Plum Moonshine

    We think plums have gotten a bad reputation over the years, so we decided to add them to our moonshine knowing that people will fall in love with them all over again.


  • Dry Fork Apple Brandy

    Dry Fork Apple Brandy

    They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away! So try our Apple Brandy made from crisp, delicious, Virginia apples fermented to perfection, distilled via our steam process.


  • Dry Fork Apple Pie

    Dry Fork Apple Pie

    There is nothing like Grandma’s Apple Pie…..so we decided to bring it to your table in a glass. Cooked with our premium classic moonshine, local apples, and cinnamon, it is sure to remind you of Grandma’s kitchen!


  • River District Peach Brandy

    River District Peach Brandy

    By popular demand we introduce our River District Peach Brandy! This Brandy is hand crafted from one of our favorites…..Peaches from Patrick County.


  • River District Banana Brandy

    River District Banana Brandy

    Our Banana Brandy is made from Central American bananas, fermented then distilled with our unique steam process. The taste is soft and all natural from Nature to your shaker


  • River District Vodka

    River District Vodka

    This VODKA is hand made in the tradition of the “Old South” . Water from Pittsylvania, triple steam distilled , rewards you with a crystal clear, clean premium product. Add it to your favorite mix or sip straight. “Smooth as the morning mist”



  • Phantastic Poe's Vodka

    Phantastic Poe's Vodka